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The Pantry.

We converted the original cold store of our main house to create The Pantry which doubles as our reception and farm shop for our guests. Whether you've forgotten your toothbrush, buy seasonal farm produce or take home some luxurious Bramley toiletries we've got you covered. On arrival ring, The Pantry bell to collect your key and we'll show you to your accommodation.

Breakfast packs made from our own high welfare/zero food miles farm produce are available from The Pantry, including bacon, sausages and eggs. These can be pre-ordered prior to your arrival and will be waiting in your accommodation or purchased while you are here. 

Breakfast menu :

6 large Old Rectory House classic pork sausages £6

Pack of home cured bacon £5

6 free range eggs £2

Breakfast pack (2 people) : sausages, bacon, eggs, beans and sourdough loaf £15

Vegetarian breakfast pack (2 people) : eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and sourdough loaf £12

Vegan breakfast pack (2 people) : local smoked tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and sourdough loaf £15


If you like any of the complimentary local products  we provide you can purchase more from The Pantry. We also stock some store cupboard basics such as pasta or beans to help you whip up a quick meal. On occasion when there is demand we bake cakes, sausage rolls, scotch eggs for a delicious afternoon treat. We will let guests know when these fresh goodies are available. If you fancy something to read but didn't bring a book you can borrow or swap from our book exchange

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